CargoBike XL Steps Business

The electric XL is a real transport bike.
The CargoBike can be used as a marketing tool as well: it shows
your company is green and flexible. On this page you’ll find
CargoBikes specially designed to carry whatever loads you need
to transport. For business its often fiscaly interesting to invest in
(electric) bikes. Attention: this can be different for each company
and country, ask your tax consultant for the details. The XL can
be delivered with just a baseplate so you can mount your own
construction to it to suit your needs. We also provide the XL with
a simple rack, or a complete flightcase so you can start delivering
your parcels immediately.

CargoBike XL: length 290cm.
Plateau kaal: width 56cm x length 102cm.
width flat bed: 65cm.


Kleuren trike elektrisch

gloss red/gloss black

Gear options available

NN2: Sram Duomatic 2 speeds auto change hub with Shimano rollerbrakes
NN7: Shimano 7 speed hub with Shimano rollerbrakes
NN8: Shimano Di2 8 speed hub with Di2 and Shimano rollerbrakes
NNI: NuVinci continuously variable hub gear with rollerbrakes

also available in non electric.

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Cargobike XL Steps Met  Flightcase

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